Photo by Rakutaro Hagiwara, 2017

Dominique Chen
Born 1981 in Tokyo, French citizen. B.A. from UCLA (Design/MediaArts), M.A. and Ph.D. from University of Tokyo iii (Information Studies). Associate Professor at Waseda University, School of Culture, Media and Society since 2017.
Dominick started his career as a researcher at the NTT InterCommunication Center, taking in charge of constructing its open web archive "HIVE" that applied Creative Commons license to all of its video contents. He has then been active in promoting the Creative Commons license in Japan since 2004, and is on the Board of Directors of Creative Commons Japan since 2007. 
In 2008, he started Dividual, an IT startup in Tokyo, where he has been developing numerous web services and smart phone apps one of which was awarded Best of AppStore from Apple for both 2015 and 2016. 
He was also certified as “Super Creator” by the Information-Technology Promotion Agency, Japan (2009), for the proposal of ThoughtTrace, a key-logger software that analyses the writer's mind and thought process. He has hosted NHK(Japan Broadcasting Corporation)’s news program NEWSWEB (2015.4~2016.3), as a specialist in information technology. He has served as a jury member and Focus Issue Director in “Technology and Information”, "Development of Social Infrastructure" for the Good Design Award since 2016.
Dominique is also an author of several books on Open Source and Free Culture, Neo-cybernetics, Philosophy of Information, and has translated books on Positive Computing, Reality Mining and Technological Singularity.
2004年より、NTT InterCommunication Center[ICC]にて、文化施設としては世界で初めてコンテンツを全てオープンライセンスで公開した映像アーカイブHIVEを立ち上げる。同じ頃より、日本でクリエイティブ・コモンズ・ライセンスの普及促進の活動を開始し、2007年には特定非営利活動法人クリエイティブ・コモンズ・ジャパン設立理事(現在はNPO名称はコモンスフィアに変更)。2008年4月に株式会社ディヴィデュアルを共同創業し、多数のウェブサービス、スマホアプリ開発の企画、ディレクションを行う。2008年IPA未踏IT人材育成プログラム・スーパークリエイター認定。2015年、2016年と連続でApple Best of AppStoreを受賞。
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